Staying At The Front Of Momentum

Nov 27, 2013 | Uncategorized

In surfing, the goal of a top turn is to tap into the energy of a cresting wave and stay at the front of the momentum of the moving water. While the action of a top turn parallels our approach to investing, it also parallels our approach to marketing.

Tapping into the energy of the recent ratification of the JOBS Act, we wanted to place ourselves at the front of the momentum and stand out. It then made perfect sense to bring a professional surfer into the equation – and we are thrilled we did.

In working with professional surfer, photographer and surfboard shaper extraordinaire, Joe Curren, we decided to incorporate custom imagery, authentic, simple language, and a unique promotional video as aspects of our marketing tools. No other company in our sphere has marketed themselves in such a manner. For us, while we were accessing the energy of the JOBS Act, it was still very much an unknown territory.

Our efforts were highlighted over a variety of platforms and publications. The Digital Journal detailed our decision to “adopt a more sophisticated approach to marketing” as forward thinking in light of the SEC’s ruling on the JOBS Act. The Business Insider spotlighted our “bold maneuver” to utilize Joe Curren as part of our marketing strategy, while Yahoo!Finance deemed our marketing ideas as “innovative” and “unlike anything the industry has ever seen”.

And then we waited a week or so and the buzz continued to accumulate starting with a great feature on BuzzFeed Business  which escalated into spotlight by the noteworthy Senior Editor of Fortune, Dan Primack, who noted our efforts on CNN Money stating, “Topturn Capital has become the first hedge fund manager to create and publish a public advertisement for its services”.

All of the continued interaction and dialogue we are seeing over various publications and social platforms like Twitter and LinkedIn in response to our marketing efforts, prove that sometimes tapping into the energy, even of an unknown territory, just might place you exactly where you want to be: at the front of the momentum.


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