Financial Security

Betty M.

Betty is in her golden years and recently recovered from surgery. Her husband, Charles, passed away nine years ago. She is still in good spirits. Both she and her husband worked hard their whole lives to build a successful business, and as the business, and their assets grew, Betty was convinced of the need for an expert financial advisor in their lives.


As Betty and Charles’ business started doing well, they decided that they needed to find an advisor so they started looking around.

Charles was always a little wary and skeptical of handing over the savings and assets they’d worked so hard to accumulate, so it was ultimately Betty that found a prospective financial partner and recommended them to Charles.

The couple agreed that they wanted to be conservative in their investments so they could secure their future, especially if anything were to happen to either of them.

From their business experience, they knew that they needed to find someone who had expertise and strengths in areas where they were lacking. And that was in investments and financial management.

So, their goal wasn’t to find any ordinary partner. It was to find someone who would be clear on helping them through their shifting needs.


Charles’ skepticism bears repeating. He wasn’t just going to hand over all of what the couple had worked so hard to earn their whole lives.

His caution was to the extent that, after his passing, Betty discovered that Charles had spread money across 20 additional bank accounts – assets she was able to consolidate later.

Betty, however, has no regrets that they put their trust in their new financial partner.


With their approach being as conservative as it was, even after they found a financial partner, the couple didn’t turn over all their assets.

But their new partner proved themselves over time and again and demonstrated integrity in overseeing their financial matters to where eventually they consolidated their assets.


Ultimately, the couple felt taken care of.

Their financial advisory team went above and beyond the call of duty in a variety of situations. They eventually helped them sell their property, and even found them a buyer for their business, while working with their accountant to successfully reduce the resulting tax exposure.

Betty feels blessed to have found such a great financial partner.

Note: The Above Case Study Is Hypothetical And Does Not Involve An Actual Topturn Capital Client. No Portion Of The Content Should Be Construed By A Client Or Prospective Client As A Guarantee That He/She Will Experience The Same Or Certain Level Of Results Or Satisfaction If Topturn Capital Is Engaged To Provide Wealth Management Or Investment Advisory Services.

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